Our Process

Discovery Phase

This initial phase sets the stage for our partnership with you and your organization. The Discovery Phase allows us to gain a solid understanding of both you and your organization. To gain a holistic perspective of your landscape, we will meet with key stakeholders you Identify and partner with you In the establishment of goals. This exploratory process will then Influence the creation of a custom offering catered to you and your organization.

Design Phase

This is the shortest, but most important aspect of our 3D process. During this Design Phase, the Health Movement team will meet with you and your stakeholders to share our findings from the Discovery phase and further examine your current position. This information will serve as the launch point, establishing our approach and the subsequent methodologies used to accelerate your goals.

Deploy Phase

Too often, strategies are introduced and then left to the organization to implement. At Health Movement, we want to be there as a resource and guide you as you implement transformational strategies. The entire Health Movement team will walk alongside you as you navigate through uncharted waters. This phase will include periodic sessions in which we will examine the effectiveness of the strategy and make alterations as needed