Our Services

Leadership Advisory & Advisory Cohorts

Our Advisors cultivate safe, intimate relationships in which a leader can grow and contribute at their highest level. We help leaders navigate their organizations and deliver transformational strategies that strengthen culture, unify employees, and accelerate vision.

An Advisory Cohort applies the core components of Leadership Advisory to multiple leaders in a collaborative setting. Collaboratives can harness the collective impact of multiple organizations, brought together towards a common purpose and vision. That is why our cohort process aims at elevating the collaborative as a whole, better positioning them to have greater impact in their communities.

Transformational Strategy

Transformational Strategy is a collection of methods geared to support the needs of both the well-developed and newly formed organization by focusing on the key components of transformation; strategy, design, culture, talent, and infrastructure. The complex nature of leadership combined with organizational priorities require a deep dive into these foundational aspects of your mission. We aim to partner with you to assess and strategically advance your transformational priorities in each of these categories.

The need for transformation is not limited to individual organizations. While they may look different, collaboratives contain within them all the key components of transformation. Evaluating and enhancing these components of your collaborative will accelerate community transformation.

Network Services

We believe that networking is more than just sharing a business card at a civic breakfast. Network Services seek to deliver a cohesive weight-bearing community of leaders aligned and empowered to achieve the institution’s goals and aspirational culture. In assessing both the infrastructure and culture of the existing organization we are able to unlock previously untapped growth potential.

In a collaborative setting, Network services is utilized to unify multiple organizations behind a common vision, mission, and purpose. This focus allows for a true community to be formed. The result is an amplification of both the collaborative and its independent organizations.