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Rozy Park

Position: VP, Organizational Excellence, Tedia Company

Rozy has a passion for company culture and for creating a supportive workplace that helps individuals to achieve their goals. She sees her role at Tedia Company as her legacy, handed down to her from her parents, who founded this chemical manufacturing company 45 years ago. Through various roles starting with HR and now 17 years later, including risk management, legal, environmental health and safety, and IT, Rozy continues to support and empower her teams. Growing up in Cincinnati OH, she never thought she would move back after she got her AB in sociology from the University of Chicago.  She worked in the legal field and in healthcare consulting before she attended Indiana University in Bloomington to get a joint degree in law and public administration. She married her husband (Chris), and they lived in Athens GA for a few blissful years until they jumped on an opportunity to move to Cincinnati to join Tedia Company and have grown in their roles ever since. Rozy has two teenage children, Park and Carter, and in her spare time, makes music with her family.